this bloggsite––which debuted 1 Aug 15
––worx (if it worx @all)
in conjuction w/
weekly books (more books)
daily gifs club (pix, look fast)
lifecast dot info (pretty movies)
the site of the 99,9999 photos ninja (pix, w/words––take ur time)
and the homebase: myameri.ca

read these books (they are my life (they are a booksaga) haha

update valentine's day 2016: got a new URL for this puppy, dickcomma dot mobi … get it? like, moby(mobi) dick?!? update june 1st 2016:new 10mo rule. every ten months i am gonna revamp the look & feel of this pup; see here & here for more update june 17th 2016:no more PDFs!! all books now exclusively animated gifs + housed right here on site (this ISSUU store/acct is 4eva closed) update september 1st 2016:video era (a/k/a dick comma 2.2 begins here) update january 1st 2017:new randomly generated short story era begins & it's very exciting

u can electronic-message me abt any of the books via... Jeffkkast AT THE GEE MAIL DOT COMS thx;;; have agood day